These are samples of David's Photography. I love to capture things I've not seen before or noticed because they are very small, or at a glace maybe not that interesting.



David Monsma

Although I haven’t spent many years with a camera in hand, the seed of interest in photography was planted long ago.  I was given a camera for Christmas one year when I was young, and remember having fun taking pictures with it.  That cheap little camera’s lifespan was unfortunately short. It wasn’t until I purchased my first digital camera, just before my daughter was born in 2005, that I started looking through the viewfinder more regularly.

Being a regular hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I started taking my camera with me almost everywhere I went taking pictures of random things I found beautiful or interesting.  Family, friends, and others who saw my photos, continued to encourage me to keep taking pictures. In 2007 I invested in a nicer camera and started experimenting with it and different subjects, discovering what a great creative outlet photography was for me.  My first, and still most favorite subject to photograph is my daughter.  But, being an outdoors type of person, and living where I do, a lot of my subject matter is orientated toward nature.  There are so many incredibly beautiful things in our natural world.

One thing that fascinates me about photography is being able to stop things in motion.  Capturing one instant in time and seeing what you can’t with just your eyes. I love to capture things I’ve not seen before or noticed because they are very small, or at a glace maybe not that interesting. That is something else photography has brought into my life.  Going out and “hunting for photos” has changed what I look at, and how I look at things when I’m out in the world.  Giving me a perspective of things out there I don’t believe I’ve had before. 

In 2008, I was hired for the first time to photograph a wedding. It went over well, and I was recommended for another. Although I never really felt comfortable sticking a lens in someone’s face, I soon began to appreciate how fun it was to capture people having a good time. The best portraits, to me, are the one’s where the people don’t know they’re being photographed.  Seeing real expression and the non-verbal communication that comes from it. I hope to be able to do more of this in the future.

I also have done some product inventory photography. Right now my goal is to continue trying new things.  I have never taken any formal photography classes or training, but I’ve been told that I have an eye for it, and I know I love doing it. So I carry on, hoping others will enjoy what I enjoy doing.